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Web Design & Development, Branding, Graphic Design

The Makers of Today

As part of the campaign for their Premium Mixer, Schweppes searched for "The Makers of Today" in collaboration with the newspaper 20min and the Rundfunk Festival. The aim was to collaborate with innovators, dreamers, visionaries, and makers – especially those who could enhance Zurich with their ideas. People who could inspire and enthuse others. Schweppes gave creative "makers" a chance to run a temporary pop-up bar themselves. The winner was nominated by the voters at the Festival.

Rawcut was responsible for a variety of digital and print communications, as well as most of the media work. Besides the participation party, we also designed and developed a digital voting system. Our outdoor advertisements were seen on billboards across Switzerland.

The pop-up bar, which we designed for the festival, was open to visitors for one month.

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